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What kind of recycler are you?

11 April 2019

At W&S, we understand that recycling can be a time-consuming task that requires knowledge of what can be disposed where. We’ve put together this quiz so that you can test how environmentally friendly you are and whether you could be doing more.

What does your kitchen look like?

A. I have multiple recycling bins for different materials, plus a compost bin for the garden.
B. I have a recycling bin and a regular bin.
C. I have one bin that I use for everything.

What did you have for lunch today?

A. I had left-overs from last night that I put into a reusable box, and I took the box home to wash and use again tomorrow.
B. I bought a sandwich but I didn’t ask the cashier for a bag, because I didn’t need one.
C. I bought meal deal from a supermarket and binned the packaging afterwards.

Do you often read labels to see if a product is environmentally friendly?

A. I know what is and isn’t recyclable these days and buy accordingly.
B. I read labels when I can, but it’s a lot of effort to do all the time.
C. I don’t bother reading labels: packaging ends up in the same place, right?

Do you prefer showers or baths?

A. I take showers and try not to waste too much water.
B. I enjoy showers but I like to take my time.
C. I prefer baths whenever I can.

What did you do with your last phone?

A. I used a scheme from my network provider to trade it in and recycle it efficiently.
B. It’s in a drawer at home, I just don’t know how to dispose of it properly.
C. I don’t know: I think I threw it away.

How do you drink water?

A. From an environmentally-friendly, reusable bottle.
B. I buy bottles of water, but I refill them until they wear down.  
C. I buy a new bottle every time I’m thirsty.

What do you do when a jar of jam goes mouldy?

A. I follow the Theresa May method of scraping the mould from the top of the jam and continuing to eat the produce below, so long as it’s safe to.
B. I scrape the jam out into the bin and make sure that I put the glass jar in for recycling.
C. I bin the whole jar as it is.

How often do you buy new clothes?

A. I buy recyclable clothes where I can and take my old clothes to be recycled or to charity shops.
B. I buy clothes when I need them, but my wardrobe is full of things I never wear anyway.
C. I buy new clothes every week and bin them when I don’t want them anymore.

Mostly As

You’re a green machine! The average citizen could learn something from the way that you recycle and the effort you put into staying organised. Congrats on being so environmentally friendly!

Mostly Bs

You’re doing really well with recycling, but there’s always room for improvement. Learning about fast fashion and cleaning jars will help you manage your recycling a lot better. Keep up the good work but invest a little time into learning how you could improve.

Mostly Cs

You need to start recycling more! Learning about how to become more environmentally friendly is easy and at W&S, our friendly experts can advise you on how to dispose of your phone or how to sort plastic recycling. Be the change you want to see!

Do you want to become more green? We are an experienced team of recycling specialists based in Dorset and Oxfordshire. For more information about our recycling services, or for further advice on how we can help with waste disposal and rubbish collections for your home or business, contact our team on 01202 675564.

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