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The UK seems to be rejecting "fast fashion" in favour of sustainable shopping

03 January 2019

New Year is a time for fresh starts and a chance to swap your lunch packaging, start carpooling to work and start sorting your paper for recycling. Whilst there are all kinds of ways to help the environment, one of the lesser considered industries when it comes to keeping green, is fashion.

Greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production totalled 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2015. This is higher than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Since 2004, clothing production around the world has doubled.

Perhaps more concerning, less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing is recycled to make new clothing, though 12% makes its way into other products. This is part of what has been described as “fast fashion”, a culture in which products are only designed to be worn once and somewhat confirmed not only by shops reducing their clothes to under £5 online, but by reports of fashion houses burning stock once it becomes out of season.

High street fashion figures are dropping

With such a culture developing however, experts warn of a backlash soon. Research shows that shoppers buy clothing less than they used to, with monthly shopping figures slowly dropping for high street fashion. Consultation of a producer-responsibility scheme for commercial textiles and clothing has been promised by the government by 2025.

In the meantime, there are still things that you can do to help save the planet when it comes to your wardrobe. Shopping in and donating your clothes to charity shops can help to alleviate clothing waste, as well as being beneficial to your pocket.

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