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Electronics are one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. In 2022, 62 million tonnes of electronic waste was generated worldwide. With only 22.3% believed to have been collected and properly recycled, WEEE recycling is becoming more important.

Discarded electronics pose a major threat to the environment and to humanity’s long-term health. That’s why responsibly recycling your old electronics is so important - it protects our planet and our health, while preserving valuable components for future use.

At W&S Recycling, we provide an affordable electrical waste recycling service to the entire South of England. We recycle both small and large electronic devices, from fridges and phones to industrial machinery and computing equipment. Thanks to our easy, straightforward recycling process, disposing of your unwanted electrical items is completely hassle-free.

Find out more about our WEEE service online or by calling us on 01202 675564.

What is WEEE?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. It encompasses the majority of electronic devices, including:

  • Large electrical appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers
  • Small household appliances like toasters or irons
  • Lighting equipment
  • IT equipment such as laptops, PCs and phones

For a more in-depth explanation, read through our full guide to recycling WEEE.

WEEE recycling


What Electricals Can Be Recycled?

Around 75% of electrical equipment can be recycled. Broadly speaking, this includes anything with a cable, plug, or batteries. If you’re not sure if a specific device can be recycled, get in touch!

WEEE must follow certain processes to be safely recycled, so it’s important not to lump e-waste in with your normal recycling. This is especially the case with batteries - improperly disposed batteries cause hundreds of fires in recycling centres every year.

Why Recycle Your WEEE With W&S Recycling?

W&S Recycling has been serving the South for over 15 years. We have centres all across Dorset, Oxfordshire, and elsewhere, and we pride ourselves on our simple, efficient process and excellent customer service.

Our WEEE collection service operates via our Local Authority Household Recycling Centres for residential customers, with direct collections by the W&S team for commercial customers.

Regulation Compliant

Our WEEE recycling services carefully abide by all current regulations around WEEE waste, including filling out a EA Hazardous waste consignment note for your records. We make sure to keep up to date on any developments, so you can have peace of mind that your electrical waste is being recycled safely and legally.

Competitive Pricing

We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the area, letting you responsibly dispose of your e-waste at the lowest cost possible.

Simple and Stress-Free WEEE Collections

Do you need to dispose of old electricals in your home, or require commercial WEEE collection for your business? The electrical waste produced by a household will differ to that produced by a business. This is why we offer tailored WEEE recycling and collection services to domestic and commercial customers.

domestic WEEE waste

Domestic WEEE Waste

Domestic WEEE waste has been broken down into 10 broad categories that include:

  • Toys, leisure and sports equipment - such as game consoles and running machines
  • Consumer equipment - such as radios, televisions and musical instruments
  • Appliances of all sizes - such as fridges, cookers, irons, toasters and clocks

Our domestic WEEE recycling services offer efficiency and reassurance that your electronics are being recycled correctly.

Simply find your local drop-off site and we'll do the rest! Need our help? Call 01202 675564 to talk to our friendly team.

commercial WEEE waste

Commercial WEEE Waste

Commercial WEEE waste is broken down into 10 categories that include:

  • Electrical and electronic tools - such as drills, saws and sewing machines
  • IT and telecommunications equipment - such as copying equipment, telephones, computers, laptops and pocket calculators
  • Automatic dispensers - such as for hot drinks or money

We can collect your commercial electrical waste for recycling, or you can bring it down to one of our recycling centres. No matter your disposal method, we ensure a compliant recycling service that will include EA paperwork.

For a high-quality recycling service in Dorset, that offers your business efficiency and affordability, contact our experts today on 01202 675564.

WEEE Regulation Reforms

DEFRA has proposed a set of regulation changes to increase the number of electronic items being recycled in households and workplaces. The proposal looks to make correct recycling easier and hassle-free in the hopes that this will encourage more people to recycle their items rather than hoard them or throw them away with general waste.

These regulations will place responsibility on businesses to offer kerbside collections of WEEE waste for households and will mandate internet sellers to offer complimentary collection services for large appliances.

Take-back schemes will also be required by those who meet set criteria, along with a Government-approved, producer-led Scheme Administrator.

While these regulations are only in their proposal stages as of March 2024, we expect them to be enforced by the end of 2025.

Start preparing for these changes by working with us. Discover how we will be able to help by speaking to our team. Call us on 01202 675564 or complete our online enquiry form for a callback.

WEEE Recycling Specialists

As the South’s number one choice for WEEE recycling, we always strive to provide the first-class service you expect. Our deep expertise and modern equipment allow us to offer a level of efficiency like no other, so you can fulfil your recycling needs as quickly and easily as possible. 


Find out more about our WEEE service online or by calling us on 01202 675564. We’re happy to discuss how we can help with your recycling requirements.

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