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Aluminium Can Recycling

Our team of recycling experts specialise in the handling of aluminium at our depots in Dorset and Oxfordshire, where we sort and bale aluminium cans ready for onward transportation to metal recycling facilities across the country. We offer a mixed can recycling collection service in Poole, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas and will provide bins for your recycling use.

Alternatively, our recycling team also accept recycling materials delivered directly to our sites in Poole, Bournemouth or Oxford. Our customers are of great importance to us, which is why we work hard to ensure that there are multiple options when it comes to your recycling, allowing us to cater to a variety of requirements.

Want to find out more about our aluminium can recycling service? Contact our team of recycling experts today on 01202 675564.

Why choose us for aluminium can recycling?

  • We accept all types of aluminium cans
  • Our aluminium recycling team will pay for aluminium materials above a certain weight.
  • We are able to collect aluminium materials above a certain weight.
  • We sort cans into cans and industrial/commercial materials.

Confidential shredding service in Poole and Dorset

A simple aluminium recycling process

We want to make your recycling experience as simple as possible, so from accepting aerosol cans to collecting your aluminium, we can assist to make recycling easy for you. Aluminium cans that we recycle are sent to UK re-processors, and industrial/commercial aluminium recycling is sent for onward processing and recycling.

We are even able to supply containers for aluminium materials and collect your recycling above a certain weight. We are 100% committed to helping our customers resolve their waste issues, with tailored recycling services to suit the individual requirements of every client. 

Contact us today on 01202 675564 to find out more about aluminium can recycling in your area.

As a well-respected recycling company, we operate and manage HRCs (Household Recycling Centres) throughout the country, which has allowed us to form robust partnerships with local councils all over the UK. Our recycling team are fully qualified to handle and dispose of your aluminium appropriately, and all of our fully licensed sites comply with current legislation, allowing you to rest assured that your recycling needs are in the right hands. For more information about our aluminium recycling services in your area, take a look at our aluminium recycling FAQs.

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