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W&S Recycling undertake demolition of Aylesford Newsprint

12 February 2018

In 2015, the W&S demolition team were called to Aylesford Newsprint’s plant to reduce the building to slab level and dispose of all equipment and production machines. Previously a bustling and vibrant factory, humming with activity, the building is now in the process of demolition following the Aylesford Newsprint business going into administration.

As part of our contract to take down the entire plant, safely and efficiently, we also agreed to dispose of all manufacturing equipment – as always, keeping the environment in mind at all times and recycling wherever possible. We purchased the sole rights for the sale of all equipment and materials from the site, including spares, forklifts and office furniture which allowed us to ensure all leftover items were sold on for reuse and were recycled in order to keep waste to a minimum.

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The demolition process 

Tony Knowles, who has been working on the project, explains that as a team W&S has focused the project on reusing as many materials from this demolition as possible. “We have a specialist contractor on reuse of paper sector machinery called John Wilkie. He has been in touch with his contacts during the past 10-12 weeks and as a result people have been contacting us. The team here has been showing people around to see the equipment. It’s not just a case of selling the equipment or finding a home for it. It has got to be removed – and removal of this kind of equipment can take around five months, using a specialist team. Throughout the entire process, we are conscious that we are running on a contract with a time limit to reduce this site eventually to slab level after all the reuse has been sorted.”

Whilst it would have been simpler for the team to take down the plant without consideration, as a business W&S place a high level of importance on the environment and focus all aspects of work on keeping waste to a minimum wherever possible. Tony Knowles states “It would have been easy for us to just say we’ll take it all and scrap everything, but we are a recycling and reuse company and our focus always has been to recycle and reuse.

Our Chief Executive, Geoff Thompson, has spent the past 2 years managing this project to ensure that it is concluded successfully and within the agreed timescale. As well as working to an agreed timescale, we also place great importance on the local community, so have done everything within our power to keep disruption to a minimum. Now nearing completion, the demolition of Aylesford Newsprint has provided multiple businesses worldwide with materials for reuse as well as machinery and even entire building blocks that are being put to use as if brand new. 


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