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Three products you didn't know that can be recycled

04 January 2018

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to be more eco-friendly by recycling more, then discovering which household waste products you use regularly are recyclable is a great first step! By 2050 the UK government are aiming to recycle at least 50% of all waste products including aluminium, paper, plastic, glass, and metal materials. This goal will massively change how the UK disposes of their waste as each household is producing 3% more waste each year, increasing landfill found in local environments. 

It’s important to understand the negative effects of not recycling and how this affects the planet. Approximately 91% of plastic is not recycled globally - a study in 2015 estimates that in 2050 12 billion metric tonnes of plastic waste will end up in landfill or in natural environments. Most of us are aware which materials are recyclable but when it comes to the items we use every day, we are often less knowledgeable. To make going green in 2018 a little easier for you, we've compiled a list of the few items you use each day, that you may not realise can actually be recycled. 

Three recyclable household products

Coffee Pods

Coffee company, Nespresso, are offering recyclable bags to its customers in a bid to reduce its products going to landfill. Each Nespresso recycling bag can contain up to 200 capsules and when full you can find a local click and collect location, and then dispose of the bag. One of their Nespresso delivery drivers will pick up the bag and then continue to recycle the coffee pods, or if you live near a Nespresso store you can drop the bag in-store. 

Light bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs can be recycled at W+S Recycling or any local recycling centre in the UK. A few branches around the UK such as IKEA or Tesco can also dispose of your old light bulbs, look out for a recycling unit in-store or online. 

Interested in making your business more environmentally friendly? If your commercial business uses fluorescent tube lighting, you can arrange for your light supplier to arrange for the recycling of your old lamps under Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE). You should also contact your local authority for more advice and information about how to dispose of your light bulbs correctly and safely. 

Aerosol cans

60% of aerosol cans in the UK are made from tinplated steel and approximately 40% are made from aluminium. Both steel and aluminium are recyclable materials and can be recycled into new products. Make sure your aerosol can is completely empty before putting into a recycling bin, and there is no need to squash or pierce the can, just simply place in your normal recycling bin. 

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