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How to reduce the amount of plastic waste

26 September 2018

On average, a UK household will throw away 40kg of plastic each year, of which could have been recycled. Here are some tips on recycling plastic and how you can help reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill.

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Plastic Bags

One of the most effective and proven ways you can reduce the amount of plastic waste is to bring your own reusable carrier bags when you’re out shopping. The addition of the 5p charge for a plastic bag in large retail stores has significantly cut down on the amount of plastic waste. An estimated 30% drop in plastic bags on the seabed has been recorded by scientists since the scheme was introduced.

Plastic Bottles

Did you know that you can reuse plastic bottles at least a few times after use? Most types of plastic bottles are safe to reuse, so long as you thoroughly wash them with hot soapy water. Giving a plastic bottle a second life is convenient and reduces the number of plastic bottles you throw away. Even better, buy specifically designed reusable bottles as this will help cut down plastic waste even further.

Plastic Packaging

Large retailers are notorious for stocking products that are unnecessarily contained in plastic packaging. What’s even worse is that black plastic can’t be recycled. Every year around 1.3 billion black plastic trays are used – and most of them end up in landfill. The best way you can help to reduce the amount of plastic waste is to avoid buying these products, or if you do, why not find a way of reusing them?

Plastic Straws

Aside from packaging, straws are one of the biggest plastic problems. Plastic straws are among the most widely used items that end up on our beaches and the scale of plastic straw usage is staggering, with around 8.5 million straws thrown away each year. In an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic waste, plastic straws could soon be banned from sale in England. Companies such as Wagamama and JD Wetherspoon have already replaced plastic straws with biodegradable alternatives. Join the anti-plastic straw movement by buying your own biodegradable and reusable straws.

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