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Students go on the world’s first boat made from 99% recycled plastic waste

04 September 2018

An environmental charity in London has been granted £77,250 to take students on educational ‘plastic fishing’ trips on the River Thames.

The boat ‘Poly-Mer’, is the world’s only boat that’s made of 99% recycled plastic and was built to raise awareness of the increasing levels of plastic found in the River Thames. The initiative was developed in partnership with Canary Wharf College, a local school in London.

‘Poly-Mer’ is a 12-seater boat, a traditional punt made from 8,000 plastic bottles constructed by Mark Edwards MBS, a Richmond-based boat builder who previously built the Queen’s barge, ‘Gloriana’.

The City Bridge Trust grant will pay for 55 plastic fishing trips for children from over 25 schools in London to clear plastic from the docks around London’s Canary Wharf. Plastic that’s collected will then be used to create more boats.

The programme aims to connect young people with the environment, reduce littering and educate them on how they can make a difference to the environment.

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