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Did you know we offer a house clearance service?

13 August 2019

Do you have a house that needs to be cleared of unwanted furniture or belongings? Save time, money and effort by enlisting the help of W&S Recycling’s professional house clearance team. Fully trained and accredited in all relevant health & safety regulations, we also offer our clearance services to commercial properties, from offices that need old furniture removed to factories with unwanted equipment or hazardous waste.

With years of experience providing specialist clearances, W&S Recycling deliver expert services to a variety of different premises, no matter the size or industry. Our professional team are able to complete house clearances quickly and efficiently to ensure your space is cleared in a timely manner, perfect if you are short on time. 

We’ll clear your house of:

  • Unwanted or broken furniture
  • Household rubbish 
  • Electronic appliances
  • Building materials
  • Clothing, pictures, prints and records in good condition 

House clearance recycling 

Another reason for choosing W&S house clearance team is so you won’t have to worry about trips to the busy local recycling centre or about what happens to the items once they have left the property. That’s because the W&S house clearance team strive to recycle as many of the items taken from the house, office or factory clearance as possible. With years of experience recycling such items, we can easily recognise exactly what objects can and can’t be recycled. This means that, wherever possible, the items removed from a property are given a new lease of life and waste is kept out of landfill.  

Our house clearance shop

Any items from house clearances that are in good condition and we deem to be valuable will be displayed in our Renaissance shop on Mannings Heath Road in Poole, a treasure trove of quality, pre-loved items at low prices. What’s more, we pay our house clearance customers for their high-value possessions.  

So, what are you waiting for? If you need a house clearance, office clearance or factory clearance, contact W&S Recycling today on 01202 675564 and our friendly, experienced team will be happy to help. 


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