Bi-weekly bin collections – is your household struggling?

30 June 2017

In certain areas, general waste and recycling bin collection scheduling has recently been updated. For many, this means that households and commercial establishments are facing excess waste issues as a result of their bins being collected on a bi-weekly basis. To help make life a little easier, we’ve put together a list of ways to make your bin space last longer, plus solutions for those who need extra help with their waste disposal or recycling needs.

Compress cartons and cardboard
When recycling cardboard items such as cereal boxes, or plastic milk cartons, take a few extra seconds to flatten them out before putting them into your recycling bin – such a simple change can save a lot of valuable space!

If your general waste bin is overflowing, consider why...
Are you finding that your general waste wheelie bin is full just a week after bin collection day? If so, it is worth considering how much of what you are throwing away could be recycled. Remember, whatever your local council is unable to collect, our team has the skills to dispose of it correctly – contact us for your WEEE disposal, plus plastic, paper, metal, and other mixed recycling material needs.

Organise alternative wheelie bin collection
If you find that one recycling and waste disposal wheelie bin is simply not enough for your household or business, we have the ideal solution! With our commercial and residential wheelie bin service, you can organise wheelie bin collection as frequently as you need – contact us for more information!

Waste not, want not
When it comes to general waste, how much of what you throw away could have been used? We are all guilty of wasting food and re-usable materials; why not explore the ways you could use up those leftover coffee grounds before tossing them in the bin?

We are an experienced team of recycling specialists based in Dorset and Oxfordshire, with expertise in all areas of recycling and waste disposal ranging from cardboard recycling and End of Life Vehicle Collection, to trade waste disposal and metal recycling. For more information about our recycling services, or for further advice on how you can make a difference at home, contact our team on 01202 675564 today.



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