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Clothing banks

With several clothing banks located across Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas, there are plenty of places for you to donate your old clothes to, to ensure that they have a purpose for future consumers, rather than just sitting at the back of your wardrobe. 

At W&S, we’re committed to recycling across all materials. We accept any form of clothing at our clothing banks, where our experts ensure that they’re recycled correctly. With sustainability in the fashion industry a serious topic of conversation these days, and a move away from fast fashion to eco-fashion, recycling your clothes is a simple but tremendously effective way of doing your bit for the environment.

Want to find out more about our clothing recycling service? Contact our team of recycling experts today on 01202 675564.

Why use our clothing banks?

  • Our recycling specialists have the expertise to ensure all materials are recycled properly
  • We have over twenty locations to drop your clothing off at, so there’s bound to be one local to you
  • Some clothing can take decades to decompose, but with our clothing banks, the material can be reused

Find your nearest W&S clothing bank

  • Milburn Rd Car Park, Westbourne, BH4 9HJ
  • Durley Rd Car park, Bournemouth, BH2 5EU
  • Queen Park West Drive car park, Bmouth, BH8 9DA
  • Cranmer Rd car park, Winton, BH9 1JU
  • Littledown Centre, Castle Lane, Bmouth, BH7 7DX
  • Woodside Rd car park, Southbourne, BH5 2BA
  • Hawkwood Rd, Southbourne, BH5 1DS
  • Pen Hill car park, Canford Cliffs, BH13 7AA
  • Ravine car park, Canford Cliffs, BH13 7HX
  • Jubilee Rd car park, Upper Parkstone, BH12 2NX
  • Branksome Rec, Upper Parkstone, BH12 2EA
  • Lake Pier car park, Hamworthy, BH15 4LR
  • Chapel Lane car park, Poole, BH15 1NU
  • Sainsbury car park, Poole BH15 1XU
  • Dolphin Baths car park, Poole, BH15 1TP
  • Commercial Rd car park, Parkstone, BH14 0JD
  • Civic centre car park, Parkstone, BH14 0HU
  • Adastral Square, Canford Heath, BH17 8SA
  • Storey Lane car park, Broadstone, BH18 8EQ
  • Millhams Community Recycling Centre, Longham, BH11 9LQ
  • Nuffield Recycling Centre, Poole, BH17 0RS
  • Magna Rd layby, Merley, BH21 3AL
  • Queens Rd, Westbourne, BH2 6BE

Clothing banks clothes recycling

Your local recycling specialists

Our specialists recognise how confusing and time-consuming it can be to recycle efficiently. Our trusty team sort your clothing into groups and know exactly how to recycle it effectively, so you don’t have to worry about categorising different types of clothing for different purposes.

Not only do we have supreme knowledge in all forms of recycling at W&S, but our experts pride themselves on their friendly customer service. We can offer knowledgeable answers to any questions that you may have about your recycling needs, whether you’re disposing of clothing or other materials.

Contact us today on 01202 675564 to find out more about clothing banks in your area.

For reliable recycling services in your local area, contact us today on 01202 675564.

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