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W&S’ Tips for Convenient Recycling

08 April 2019

In a recent survey, it was found that 3 in 10 people admit they throw away plastic containers instead of washing and reusing or recycling. Almost half claimed they pay for plastic bags, and a fifth of those surveyed said that being environmentally conscious was a ‘burden’ on their lives.

A spokesman for the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA), which commissioned the survey, said: “Our results found the vast majority of Britons are keen on the idea of being green.”

“Unfortunately, it often only takes the slightest inconvenience to knock all of the wind out of our sails and we wind up doing things that are easy – but not great for the planet. But we do also look to retailers and manufacturers to make it clear how we can be more environmentally friendly when we use their products.”

At W&S, we aim to make recycling as easy as possible for our customers, both commercial and domestic. Take a look at our top tips below for quick and easy recycling:

Wash milk cartons with warm water

Once you’ve used plastic milk cartons, it’s important to recycle them. Washing them out with warm water can soften the plastic, making them easier to flatten and pile up ready for recycling.

Invest in a battery bin

Batteries may seem like a difficult thing to recycle. It’s probable that you just have old batteries lying around the house, so investing in a battery bin can help you to collect your batteries in one place before taking them to a collection point to recycle them easily.

Keep shopping bags in the car

Certain supermarkets have stopped selling plastic bags altogether, so it’s convenient as well as environmentally friendly to reuse those you already own. Even better still, why not invest in canvas bags? This can save a lot of plastic: keep them in the car so that you always have them when you’re going shopping, too.

Ask companies to go paperless

Your bank no doubt still sends you letters, not to mention insurance providers and even charities you may donate to monthly. Why not get in touch and ask them to go paperless? Most organisations will take you off their physical mailing list these days in favour of email, and it can save a lot of paper.

Do you want to reduce your plastic consumption? We are an experienced team of recycling specialists based in Dorset and Oxfordshire. For more information about our recycling services, or for further advice on how we can help with waste disposal and rubbish collections for your home or business, contact our team on 01202 675564.



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