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Hamworthy public toilets

W&S Recycling invest £100,000 to re-open Hamworthy public toilets

21 May 2019

As a thank you to the local community for their ongoing support, we have purchased and plan to re-open the toilet block outside the Co-op on Blandford Road.

The toilet block was originally closed in March 2014 by Poole Council and replaced with a community toilet scheme, which included the library, Adam Practice Surgery and the Red Lion Pub. However, many residents pointed out that most of the community toilets in Hamworthy were closed by 5:30pm, had late opening times, or were not open at all over the weekend, making the scheme impractical.

Hamworthy councillor, Julie Bagwell, had been campaigning to re-open the public toilets on Blandford Road for years and was attempting to enlist residents to help with the running of the loos as a community asset until W&S Recycling submitted their offer to purchase the block and run it as a free facility.

Julie was thrilled when she heard of W&S Recycling's offer to buy the toilet block: “I love the new toilet block. It’s a superb facility, which we fought long and hard to bring back.

“I protected the toilets by making them a community asset, and we had to take that protection off so W&S could buy them. I’m hoping everybody will look after the toilets. The feedback from Hamworthy residents is they’re so happy and pleased.”

Geoff Thompson, owner of W&S Recycling, hopes to have the toilets back open to the public in between 4-6 weeks time.

“We’ve completely revamped the toilets – it’s cost over £100,000 including the cost of purchasing the block. I live in Hamworthy so I’m giving something back to the public who helped me build my business.

“Some local community people who are retired and live close to the toilets have volunteered to clean them free of charge and open and close them each day.”

To help the Hamsworthy community with its recycing efforts, W&S Recycling will also be providing skips outside the toilet block for textiles and paper. We sincerely hope that the Hamworthy community will benefit from the re-opening of the refurbished toilets on Blandford Road and are happy to have played our part in making it possible.

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