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The Glass Recycling Process Explained

22 July 2019

Glass is the perfect material for recycling as it doesn’t degrade so can be recycled again and again. Not only does glass recycling reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, but it also reduces CO₂ emissions by 246kgs for every tonne recycled. In real terms, this means that for every glass bottle you recycle, enough energy is saved to power a TV for 20 minutes.

The Steps of Glass Recycling

Step 1: The glass bottles and jars put into a W&S glass recycling bin, or left out for your curb side waste collections, are taken to a specialist glass treatment plant. All W&S Recycling glass recycling plants are based in the UK.

Step 2: The glass is then transferred into sorting lines to separate the containers into different colours. At this point, the belts are manually checked to remove any large foreign objects that cannot be processed. The colour-coded glass is then washed to remove any dirt and impurities.

Step 3: The now clean and sorted glass is crushed and any waste products, such as paper from labels, corks and metals, are removed. The crushed product of glass recycling is called cullet and comes in an endless amount of sizes depending on its intended use.

Step 4: Cullet is then sold to glass manufacturers who typically use it to produce new bottles, jars, fibre glass and even windows. Lower quality cullet is often used as building materials such as aggregate, sand and for blast cleaning.

Step 5: Repeat! As glass doesn’t degrade, this process can be repeated endlessly.

How to prepare your glass for recycling

First of all, check local recycling guidelines as while most glass recycling facilities, including W&S, accept all kinds of glass, some will only take certain colours. To help the process in the glass recycling facility, rinse the glass jar or bottle and remove any labels and metal parts.

With expertise and equipment which offer a level of efficiency like no other, W&S Recycling are leaders in the South for all your glass recycling needs. For more information about our glass recycling services, contact expert our team today on 01202 675564.



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