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Recycling tips you can make your New Year’s resolutions

17 December 2018

New Year is a time change and there’s never a bad time to start making some positive lifestyle tweaks to be more environmentally friendly. From reusing plastic to just not buying any more of it, we can all to our bit to get a little greener, so check out our recycling experts’ top tips on the New Year’s resolutions you need for 2019.

Change your lunch habits

Plastic containers are still the norm for many takeaway outlets, so reuse them for yourself and make sure they don’t go to waste. Any plastic containers you have, wash out, and use for your lunch rather than throwing away.

Stop using plastic bags

Plastic bags are 5p each now, however customers seem not to be deterred by the fee. Switching to canvas bags isn’t just better for environment, they’re also stronger and easy to leave in the back of your car ready for that next trip to the supermarket.


Using public transport whenever you can is the greenest way to go, but it’s obviously not always possible. By giving friends a lift here and there though, you can cut down the carbon footprint of others, as well as doing your bit for the environment. There are Facebook groups out there for you to find a lift, too.

Use bamboo

Bamboo is fantastic, and not just if you’re a hungry panda! Straws, dinnerware and outdoor equipment that are commonly made of plastic are all able to be made from bamboo these days, which is a great alternative to plastic.

No-Buy goals

Too many of us lead overly wasteful lifestyles without even thinking about it, so this New Year, be the change you want to see. Promise yourself not to buy any new clothes until you’ve donated your old ones to the charity shop or make a vow to not buy takeaway for the whole of January. These small changes are good for your wellbeing, but they all add up to help the environment.

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