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Nestle has revealed their new recycling target for 2025

11 April 2018


Nestle announced on the 10th of April their plans to make their product packaging 100% recyclable and reusable by the year 2025. The announcement has been timed perfectly to link to assist the UK Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan, which focuses on aspects of improving the environment and reducing landfill. Throughout the next 7 years, Nestle has plans to join the government, NGOs and consumers in helping increase recyclability rates and the awareness of the current plastic crisis we are experiencing. 

Nestle's chief executive Mark Schneider stated, “Plastic waste is one of the biggest sustainability issues the world is facing today. Tackling it requires a collective approach. We are committed to finding improved solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle.” It’s promising that one of the biggest food producers in Europe is encouraging its customers to recycle, and the overall positive effects it will bring to our planet. 

CEO Stefano Agostini also commented in Nestle’s press release, “Earlier in the month, if you were lucky enough to receive an Easter egg, you may have noticed that our Nestle eggs use considerably less plastic and that follows a concerted effort over a number of years to remove 726 tonnes of plastic packaging.”  Most chocolate egg manufacturers such as Cadburys and Marks and Spencer have made a conscious effort to reduce its packaging and ensure its materials are recyclable. Although this is fantastic news not everyone is convinced about Nestle’s intentions, like Greenpeace who is a non-governmental environmental organisation dedicated to protecting the environment. 

Graham Forbes who is Greenpeace’s ocean campaigner stated, “Nestle’s statement on plastic packaging includes more of the same greenwashing baby steps to tackle a crisis it helped to create. It will not actually move the needle towards the reduction of single-use plastics in a meaningful way, and sets an incredibly low standard as the largest food and beverage company in the world.” 

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