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Local councils look set to miss government’s recycling targets

07 June 2019

In reaction to increased awareness of the damage waste causes our planet, the government have outlined a waste disposal strategy that states English councils must recycle 50% of household waste by the end of 2020, increasing to 65% by 2035. While the main areas where W&S operates have higher than average recycling rates, in Oxfordshire it is above 50% while Dorset boasts a fantastic 58% recycling rate, one of the best in the country, other regions may struggle to meet these targets according to experts.

The regional recycling effect 

Nicky Gregson, a professor at Durham University, warns urban councils in particular may struggle to fulfil the government’s new targets. According to Gregson there is a strong correlation between recycling rate and type of housing, highlighting more urban areas that have a higher number of flats have a lower recycling rate.  

Borough’s in London appear to be at a particular disadvantage due to a high-density population and sheer size and type of housing available – many buildings simply don’t have room for full recycling facilities. However, this doesn’t mean London councils won’t try to meet the targets. Tim Mitchell, cabinet member for environment and city management at Westminster City Council, has been quoted as saying ‘We will contribute but we are unlikely to be able to reach the target.’ 

Committed to continual excellence   

Here at W&S we are committed to continue working alongside councils and businesses to improve our already impressive recycling record even further and strive to keep advancing in any way we can. 

W&S are fully qualified recycling specialists operating across all market sectors in Dorset and Oxfordshire. For expert advice on how you can increase recycling for your home or business, contact our team today on 01202 675564. 

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