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How to properly recycle your Easter egg packaging

06 April 2018

With the UK Government’s 25 year environmental plan in full action from January 2018, we want to let people know how they can help towards a greener environment, starting with wastage from the Easter season. Did you know Easter chocolate sales make up 10 percent of Britain's annual spending on chocolate? This leaves an extortionate amount of Easter egg packaging that’s disposed of, but are you doing it correctly?

In 2018, it’s promising that most chocolate egg manufacturers have made their packaging recyclable. Cadbury has reduced packaging by 25%, Marks and Spencer have managed a 30% package reduction with 85% being recyclable materials. This will help the UK reach their goal of zero avoidable waste by 2050, and help preserve our natural environment, agriculture and resources. Approximately 3,000 tonnes of waste is from Easter egg packaging, it’s crucial to recycle what you can as this is contributing to the current plastic waste crisis, and pollution. 

What can you recycle?

  • Easter egg boxes are recyclable as they’re made of cardboard, make sure you flatten them before putting them in your recycling bin so you can fit more products in. 
  • Clean Easter egg plastic moulds can be recycled too, just make sure it contains no food contamination that could send the product to landfill. 
  • Most Easter eggs are wrapped in foil, which can be recycled from selected recycling centres - ask your local council for more information. 
  • Make sure to recycle your Easter cards too as they’re made with cardboard.

Jo Swinson the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats stated on the topic, “Millions of us watched Blue Planet last year and witnessed the shocking levels of plastic waste in our oceans. None of us wants the packaging from our tasty Easter treat to contribute to ocean pollution. If manufacturers truly want to cut the use of plastics they must sacrifice the presentation of their eggs for the presentation of their values.” 

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