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How Scrapping your Car Reduces our Impact on the Environment

02 November 2021

As the South’s go to for ELVs (End of Life Vehicles), licensed by both Dorset County Council and Bournemouth Borough Council, at W&S Recycling we know a thing or two about taking care of vehicles that have reached the end of the road.

As it turns out, there are many environmental benefits to scrapping your car that might not have been immediately obvious – especially when carried out by an environmentally conscious company such as W&S Recycling.


In the past, you’d have been absolutely correct – scrapping cars was not better for the environment, until comprehensive rules were brought in to cover the entire process from beginning till end. These regulations mean that there are now far more checks on ensuring that each step of the car destruction method is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

One of these regulations is ensuring that cars are drained of potentially toxic fluids and chemicals used in the car’s running. Before regulations, cars were crushed before this took place, resulting in extremely dangerous conditions for workers and the local environment alike. Materials such as mercury are now carefully extracted before the crushing, and are sorted for recycling in their own unique manner.


Old cars are full to the brim with recyclable materials, all of which could see a new lease of life in a different, recycled form. It may seem like a wasteful thing to scrap a car, as it could still get some use out of it, but what you are really doing is preventing this car from continuing to run inefficiently, pumping out disproportionately large amounts of greenhouse gases.

The recycled parts, which can include anything from wing mirrors to radiators to batteries, will be repurposed into a modern product that will use the materials far more efficiently than the car ever would have. 75% of your car’s components can and will be recycled meaning three quarters of your car will be back into circulation.

Reduce Resources

When you recycle cars, you’re saving lots of useful metal from reaching landfill before it’s reached the end of its usability, meaning it could still be reused across a wide range of industries and professions.

This means that across these industries, there is less demand for mining companies to extract low value metals from the ground, which in turn reduces the impact of an incredibly environmentally intensive practice (mining). Instead of allowing your old cars to continue being inefficient, you can scrap and actively remove carbon from the atmosphere in the process.

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W&S Recycling are the South’s premier option for all recycling related services, such as car scrapping. Local councils trust us with their car scrappage needs, showing that even local authorities trust in our knowledge and expertise.

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