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Experts’ top Christmas recycling tips

30 November 2018

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving but with so much used wrapping paper, batteries and even lights, staying conscious of the environment and recycling your waste is more important that ever. Everyone can do their bit at Christmas though: recycling is easier when you know exactly what to do with your rubbish, so read on for our recycling experts’ handy guide for green waste disposal.

Avoid the shiny paper

Glossy and laminated wrapping paper can look pretty, and it’s stronger than plain paper when it comes to wrapping your gifts. However a lot of this paper is completely un-recyclable: whilst gift bags and ordinary paper is better for the environment, some companies sell specifically recyclable paper.

Washing jars

As a nation, we go through millions of jars a year and Christmas only addds to the waste we create. Remember though, that when recylcling used food jars, a quick rinse will ensure the recycling process runs smoothly.

Watch out when recycling lights

Take your old fairy lights down to a household waste recycling centre and remember that some local authorities accept small electricals. You can find collection bins at supermarkets too: there’s no excuse to not safely dispose of lights after Christmas!

Be aware of batteries

Christmas means presents, and presents mean batteries. With so many more being used around this time of year, it’s good to know where you can take your old ones: there are battery recycling points in shops, and some local authorities collect batteries bagged with household recycling.

Leave bins out at parties

If you’re hosting a Christmas party this year or having one in your workplace, why not nip tidying in the bud? Placing recycling bins in various places can collect the rubbish before you need it, save you having to tidy up after, and make everyone responsible for their own mess.

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