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Debunking common recycling myths

18 June 2019

We often put things into the recycling bin even if we aren’t entirely sure that it can be recycled but some of these items can, in fact, cause more harm than good so it’s important to check with your local curb side recycling programme to see what they can and cannot accept. To help you start recycling more accurately, our experts at W&S Recycling have complied a quick list to debunk common myths about household recycling.   

Items with a glossy coating cannot be recycled

Carboard items that appear to be glossy are often coated in a thin plastic that is hard to separate from the paper which means most recycling programmes won’t accept them. Common items with this plastic coating include paper coffee cups, juice boxes, frozen food boxes and some wrapping papers. 

Bottle caps are ok

It’s a common misconception that plastic bottle caps cannot be recycled but most facilities can accept them as long as they have been screwed back on to the bottle. Often, loose caps fall through recycling equipment because they are so small and are subsequently missed. 

Clean your recyclables 

It’s important to wash up any recyclables to remove food waste before placing them in your recycling bin. This is because food can damage the machines used at recycling facilities and can also contaminate other items that otherwise could have been recycled. 

Kitchen roll is not recyclable 

Perhaps surprisingly, tissue paper cannot be recycled as it has usually been made from recycled paper already and therefore cannot be recycled again as it will result in poor pulp. What’s more, because it’s also used for less sanitary purposes it’s at risk of contaminating other materials. 

If you’re unsure what you can and cannot recycle with your local collection service, ensure to check with them before you commit an item to the recycling bin. W&S Recycling specialises in the collection and disposal of your recycling waste and our experts will work with you to make sure as much waste as possible avoids landfill. 

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