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Coca-Cola to test deposit return service for cans and bottles

06 March 2017

Coca-Cola have recently announced their decision to test a deposit return service for their drinks bottles and cans in Scotland, with the aim of increasing the amount of their packaging that is recycled and reused. The company's executives said that they agree with the campaigners who have been pressing Scottish government to start a packaging-return scheme.

At the event in Edinburgh, they announced that the company would take part in the bottle-return pilot scheme, and agreed it would work well to influence more people to recycling and would help to reduce waste. Continuing their announcement at the event, Coca-Cola executives stated that they had been considering the details and although they were previously against the idea, they now see the benefit in offering a bottle and can deposit scheme.

The scheme will work as follows: consumers will pay a surcharge of around 10p per item when purchasing their drink and will be able to reclaim it once they return the empty bottle or can to a retailer. It is hoped that this small step will be a large one towards improved levels of recycling and reduced wastage, which hopefully will one day be mirrored across the country.

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