Coca-Cola launch plastic recycling campaign

31 July 2017

For the first time ever in the UK, Coco-Cola has launched a plastic recycling campaign to influence consumers to recycle their plastic bottles after use. 

The recent ‘Love Story’ campaign tell a story of a Coke Zero bottle and a Fanta bottle as they meet again and again after being recycled. 

Marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, Aedamar Howlett, says: “The beauty of Love Story is that it reminds people our packaging is valuable, as it can be recycled into more packaging over and over again. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and has been for some time now.”

He continues with, “The multi-million pound campaign shows how serious we are about encouraging more people to recycle, so we that we reach our aim of getting all of our bottles back.”

Coca-Cola is keen to make it clear to consumers that their plastic packaging across all products, including Fanta, Sprite and Coke are fully recyclable and have been for quite some time. As Coca-Cola’s largest ever consumer communications campaign targeting plastic recycling, the sustainable packaging strategy was launched earlier in July. As part of its sustainable packaging strategy, Coca-Cola aim to recover all packaging and increase the use of recycled bottles to 50% by 2020, from the 25% that are used at present.

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