Co-op takes a step towards making all packaging recyclable

11 May 2017

The well-known retailer, Co-op is working towards a goal of making all packaging of their own brand products completely recyclable.
So far, Co-op is on target to make 80% of their own brand packaging recyclable by 2020, with changes already in place such as using cardboard boxes for tomatoes and selling cooked meats and mushrooms in recyclable plastic trays.
This month, as the retailer continues to work towards their environmentally friendly target, a brand new packaging swap has been introduced; Co-op will now be using cardboard pizza discs in place of the previously used polystyrene. This simple change is set to reduce the annual contribution of waste to landfill by 200 tonnes.

Co-op's environment manager, Iain Ferguson says: "Pizza discs have been high on our priority list for some time, and we've been working hard to find the right replacement."

"This change is a major step in our journey to make all of our packaging easy to recycle, and we will be making further announcements on packaging in the months ahead."

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