Can you help reduce the amount of clothing that goes to landfill?

19 April 2017

According to recent research, it has been predicted that around 235million items of clothing will unnecessarily end up in landfill this spring.

Following a survey of 2,000 people that was commissioned by supermarket Sainsbury’s, it was found that three-quarters of consumers admit to binning unwanted clothing under the assumption that damaged or dirty clothing is not accepted by charities or cannot be recycled. 

The study uncovered a number of shocking statistics, including:

•    49% of people didn’t know that damaged or dirty clothes could be recycled or donated to charity
•    6% didn’t know that clothes could be recycled
•    82% of men said they were likely to bin clothing, sending them to landfill

The survey predicts that consumers are likely to discard up to 680 million garments this season, with a huge 235million of those items going to landfill. Whilst many of us enjoy a spring-clean of our wardrobes, the consequent addition of clothing to landfill demonstrates how damaging this trend is to our environment. It has been estimated that on average, a person will dispose of 19 items of clothing when spring-cleaning, with 7 of them likely to go straight in the general waste bin.
Over the past decade, clothing waste has become the largest growing waste stream in the country. In response to this excessive growth, Sainsbury’s has partnered with charity Oxfam and urges consumers to donate any unwanted items of clothing to collection points which are now located in store car parks with the traditional recycling bins. 

There are a number of methods that can help keep your clothing out of landfill and prolong its life in an environmentally friendly way – What method will you choose? Contact our team today to discuss recycling your garments, donating them to charity or even dropping them into our community shop for resale!

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