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Blue Planet II documentary encourages UK to recycle more to stop pollution

20 December 2017

Following the latest episode of Blue Planet II that was aired on the 10th of December 2017, there has been national heartbreak about the increase in pollution of plastic being dumped into the ocean, that was broadcasted on the BBC programme. The documentary is narrated by veteran naturalist David Attenborough who explained the trauma marine life are experiencing daily. Episode seven sadly showed multiple instances of marine living amongst pollution such as a hawksbill turtle tangled in a plastic sack. 

The shocking images and video footage has shocked viewers around the UK and is encouraging recycling of waste products to prevent increasing current ocean pollution. UK residents are being urged to think about what they purchase, buying everyday products with less packaging and recycling is the first step to achieve a greener country.  By 2050 the UK government are aiming to recycle at least 50% of all waste, and the release of the Blue Planet II episodes is helping Britain become more self-aware about the current pollution crisis.

The Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has also expressed he was ‘haunted’ by the documentary images of albatross parents feeding their chicks plastic, and dolphins exposing their babies to contaminated milk. The amount of plastic packaging thrown away this Christmas is equivalent to weighing 3.3 million emperor penguins - but what can we do to help?

Get involved in #2MinuteBeachClean

#2MinuteBeachClean is a non-profit organisation that encourages people to spend at least two minutes removing litter they find on beaches, or anywhere across the UK and recycle the litter to improve the environment. Using the hashtag #2MinuteBeachClean upload a photo of your efforts to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which will encourage others to do the same and also spreads awareness of recycling. 

Make sure you’re recycling all your waste 

We recycle all aluminium, cardboard, glass, metal, mixed, paper, plastic and ELV products to decrease the amount of landfill and pollution in our environment. If you want to make a real difference make sure you’re recycling as much as possible, to understand further why you should recycle or for recycling tips then read our news posts that are written by the W+S Recycling experts. 

We are an experienced team of recycling specialists based in Dorset and Oxfordshire, with expertise in all areas of recycling and waste disposal ranging from cardboard recycling and End of Life Vehicle Collection, to trade waste disposal and metal recycling. For more information about our recycling services, or for further advice on how you can make a difference at home, contact our team on 01202 675564 today.

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