Blue Peter badges to be made from yoghurt pots

06 March 2017

The long running kids TV show Blue Peter has been famous for issuing blue ship badges since they were introduced in 1963. Generally, the show gives these badges to children to successfully create new items from their waste - such as well-known film characters created using toilet rolls!

Blue Peter has been known for decades for promoting recycling and upcycling, and has now taken an extra step by announcing that their very own badges will be constructed using recycling yoghurt pots, ahead of the show's 60th anniversary next year.

Unlike in the early years of the show, children are now able to earn up to six badges for their efforts. As well as the original blue ship badge which is generally awarded to those who submit an interesting letter or story, children can now receive a silver badge, an environment badge which is green, a bravery badge which is gold, an ideas badge which is purple and a competition winners badge which is orange. Originally it was just the green environmental badge which was made using recycled materials, however each of the six badges is now set to be made in the same way.

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