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How to recycle your unwanted clothes

25 June 2019

Changing our attitude to recycling fashion 

Campaigners are calling for us to reduce the environmental impact of our clothing by changing the way we view fashion and instead adopt a circular approach to the consumption of clothes. As well as reducing our waste, experts claim that if we start recycling old clothes instead of throwing them away, we could generate a whopping £140 million pounds! 

The fashion industry is the fifth biggest contributor to Britain’s annual carbon and water footprint but by increasing the amount of times we use an item of clothing by just 3 months, it’s estimated that footprint could be reduced by 5-10%. Indeed, if we went on to use a garment for 9 months extra, this would increase to a 20-30% reduction – not only would we be helping save the planet but can also save a little money too.

How to recycle old clothes

Another staggering statistic is that the average UK household has over £1,000 of unused or unwanted clothing hanging in their wardrobes! This wasted textile could be donated to charity, either in store or via the bag posted through your door, or, if the item is damaged, you could break out the old needle and thread to repair it or make it into a new, unique piece of clothing. Don’t forget you can also take old textiles to a clothing recycling point and put it to much better use than simply taking up valuable space in your home. 

At W&S Recycling we are committed to recycling all materials, including textiles. We accept all forms of clothing (yes, even your underwear!) and shoes at our clothing banks which are placed at over 20 locations across Dorset. Don’t worry about sorting through your clothing either, our experts will do that for you. A simple but very effective way to do your bit for our planet. 

To learn more about recycling your unwanted clothing or to find your nearest W&S clothing bank, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01202 675564. 

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