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89% of people surveyed want all packaging to be recyclable

08 November 2018

The survey was commissioned by the Centre for Industrial Materials, Energy and Products (CIE-MAP), a collaboration of universities including Leeds, Cardiff, Bath and Nottingham Trent, dedicated to the reduction of industrial energy use. The findings of the survey were then published with assistance from the Green Alliance.

What were the findings of the survey?

Key findings from the survey concluded that 80% of those surveyed believed there needed to be a serious shift in our society’s attitude towards recycling and using our resources in a more efficient way.  In addition, 75% though that the government should take greater responsibility for making sure that businesses produce recyclable packaging and goods, whilst a whopping 89% wanted to see all packaging become recyclable.

Professor Nick Pigeon, team leader for the research, said: “It was overwhelmingly clear that people aren’t satisfied and want to see change. They really care about this. They want higher quality products and less waste. Improving resource efficiency is an easy win for both the public and the environment.”

Further research also concluded that most of the policies supported by the public were those that led to better package designs and longer lasting products, which in turn would lead to a reduction in carbon emissions associated with common household products by between 20-40%.

What do CIEMAP suggest happens next?

In line with the findings of the survey, CIEMAP has made several recommendations for how our economy should move towards a greener future:

  1. Improve on the products and packaging already in circulation in order to cut down on product-based carbon emissions.
  2. Develop strategies aimed at helping the environment, as well as developing a strong and ethical economy. However, it is important that people do not feel like their freedom of choice is being limited, so consumer rights should remain at the forefront of future developments.

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