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6 Ways to help reduce your household waste

01 June 2020

As many lockdown and social distancing measures remaining in place, many of us have more time on our hands than usual, time that we can use to make a start on cutting down on our household waste once and for all. We list just a few simple steps you can take to begin your journey to zero-waste living.

1) Be aware of packaging

On your next shopping trip, select products that have no or little packaging wherever possible. For example, choose loose fruit and vegetables rather than those that come in plastic wrappers or products sold in reusable or compostable packaging.

2) Invest in reusable food containers

Reusable containers are an easy way to reduce your food waste as they help keep food fresh and extend its life, therefore preventing it being thrown away after it’s passed it’s best. They’re also great for packing on-the-go lunches so you don’t have to buy something wrapped up in plastic when you’re out and about (and it’ll save you money too!).

3) Don’t buy water in plastic bottles

Plastic water bottles are a huge waste offender and one that’s easily rectified. A much eco-friendlier choice is to invest in a reusable water bottle, there are a huge variety of different sizes and styles available, and simply refilling it at the tap throughout the day.

4) Get inventive with your ‘waste’

Before you throw things away, take another look at them and think about what you can do to repurpose the item instead of sending it to landfill. For example, egg boxes and newspaper are great for arts and crafts, old food jars are brilliant as vases, makeup brush holders and food storage, and old clothes can become new ones with a bit of sewing (and an online tutorial!).

5) Begin composting

If you don’t already do so, start composting your food waste instead of sending it to landfill, where it can’t break down properly and can therefore produce harmful gases such as methane. When left to compost in your garden however, the food scraps can break down properly and instead of turning into harmful gases, transforms into a wonderful natural fertiliser for your garden.

6) Take unwanted items to a specialist recycling facility

One of the best ways we can reduce our waste is to give it a new lease of life. So, instead of throwing old belongings away, take them to a specialist recycling facility where they have the tools to turn it into something new.

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