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10 Fascinating facts about glass recycling you need to know

10 February 2020

We all know recycling glass is important, but do you know why? Here we list 10 fascinating facts about glass recycling to help you understand just why it’s so vital to the environment. 

Facts about glass recycling 

1)    Glass can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality or purity – making it a fantastic alternative to single use plastic. 

2)    Recycling glass benefits businesses as well as the environment as it reduces their carbon footprint and saves money by lowering emissions, the consumption of raw materials and the use of facilities.  

3)    Not all glass can be recycled together, for example, containers made from glass need to be recycled separately to window or ovenware glass. 

4)    You need to separate glass by colour so recycling companies can ensure that any new bottles match required colour standards. 

5)    For every tonne of glass that is recycled, over a tonne of natural resources are saved. 

6)    Glass doesn’t decompose so while it’s amazing for recycling, it puts a huge strain on our landfills. 

7)    Recycling glass is an incredibly quick process. A glass container can go from your recycling bin to a shelf in a supermarket in as little as 30 days.

8)    The average UK household uses 500 glass bottles and jars in just a year but the UK currently recycles only around 50%. 

9)    The glass recycling level in the UK saves enough energy to send 10 rockets into space. 

10)    The UK has around 3000 glass bottle banks, each of which is able to hold around 3000 bottles before it needs to be emptied.

Our glass recycling service  

W&S Recycling provides a specialist glass recycling service in Dorset for commercial establishments that produce large quantities of recyclable bottles and want to dispose of them responsibly. We also offer a glass tipping service at our depots in both Poole and Oxford for waste management companies in the surrounding areas.

You can rest assured that once all the glass is collected and sorted, we then forward it on to UK based re-processors who will produce cullet for the glass industry and give the material a new lease of life. 

To learn more about our glass recycling services, contact W&S Recycling today on 01202 675564 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

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